About Us

Message From Chairman

WELCOME TO Karib Auto Ltd.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to welcome you to Karib Auto Ltd.

We appreciate you taking the time today to visit our web site. Our goal is to give you an interactive tour of our reconditioned car store, as well as allow you to conveniently get a quote, compare, or contact us for financing. The search for a luxury car is filled with high expectations. Undoubtedly, that has a lot to do with the vehicles you are considering, but at Karib Auto Ltd., we think you should also have pretty high expectations for your car’s ownership.

 — Mohammad Ali, Chairman of Karib Auto Ltd.

Message From Managing Director

WELCOME TO Karib Auto Ltd.

The Karib Auto Ltd. is justly proud of becoming a trusted name of reconditioned automobile brands like; Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Laxes at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We put the quality first – that’s what sets us apart from the rest. Many car dealers have come and gone over the course of the last bunch of years in what is a fiercely competitive marketplace. The good survivors are the ones who not only retain their customer base but increase it too – that’s what we are good at. By ensuring that all of our customers have a pleasurable experience, we see them coming back time and time again. It is, therefore, no surprise that we have won our customers heart by giving quality car delivery and services.

 — Kawser Hamid, Managing Director of Karib Auto Ltd.

Message From Director

WELCOME TO Karib Auto Ltd.

It is my esteemed pleasure to welcome you on our Company’s website.

Corporate social responsibility remains the guiding principle in all areas of activity. We strive to maintain highest standards of quality and excellence in all our services. This dedication to quality service enables us to give qulaity products that are constantly rated as the best in the country, resulting in maximum customer satisfaction and highest brand equity. I like to thank our valued customers for their trust, the management team for their sincere efforts and Board of Directors for their guidance.

We are more committed to you to give quality reconditioned cars , now- and always. And we promise so.Thank you.

 — Karib Ahmed, Director of Karib Auto Ltd.


We go through extensive training so that we may provide you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision in choosing the vehicle that is right for your lifestyle.

  • Stress-free finance department.
  • Robust selection of popular vehicles.
  • Offers on site, trusted by a community.
  • Maintain your car to stay safe on the road
  • We know how to handle a wide range of car services.